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Haiim vacuum-assisted blood collection

Brings accessibility & better user experience to blood sampling

• Improve patient experience

• Reduce the burden on healthcare professionals

• Reduce needle-stick injuries

• Reduce the cost of waste disposal

• Anyone, anytime, anywhere

blood sampling

The motivation behind bringing this device to the UK stems from Simed Global founder Simon Maurer's personal experience. Simon witnessed his brother endure significant pain and anxiety during traditional blood collection methods, with medical staff constantly struggling to find a suitable vein. This firsthand observation drove Simon's determination to make a positive impact and find an alternative solution.

What if we could make blood drawing less painful and invasive?

Simed Global is proud to introduce Haiim a revolutionary device designed to simplify blood collection from fingertips.
With its vacuum-assisted technology, Haiim can efficiently collect a substantial amount of blood—ranging from 150 to 500 microliters—through a simple finger prick in just about two minutes.

With our exclusive distribution agreement, Haiim emerges as a game changer for healthcare providers in the UK. This innovative device offers patients a much easier experience, regardless of the reason for their medical visit. While finger blood draws are typically used for tests requiring smaller volumes of blood, such as glucose monitoring or cholesterol panels, Haiim has the capacity to collect enough blood for tests that require a larger volume, potentially eliminating the need for venipuncture blood draws.

The Haiim device consists of two parts: the main unit and single-use cartridges that securely store the collected blood until it is ready for testing. We understand that many clinics and hospitals are understaffed, so Haiim is designed to be user-friendly, requiring less training than traditional blood collection methods. This makes it an ideal solution for healthcare organisations, clinics, hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes, and pharmacies.

At Simed Global, we are dedicated to improving patient care and alleviating the challenges faced by healthcare professionals. By introducing Haiim to the market, we aim to revolutionise the way medical diagnostics are conducted, making the process more convenient, comfortable, and efficient for both patients and medical staff.

Haiim for Blood Testing Labs

A highly efficient blood collection device for you lab test sampling needs.

Haiim for Clinics

A highly efficient blood collection device that releases medical proffesional's burden.

Haiim for Pharmacy

A highly efficient blood collection device that enables holistic health managment service.

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