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Point of Care

Rapid in-house blood test for
POC instant health checks

Simed Global specialise in fast effective testing devices and solutions,
what we call the 3T's - Tomorrow's Technology Today

Our Goal.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, accessible and convenient options for individuals to receive health screenings is increasingly being recognised.
Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers and Clinics in community settings will play an increasingly important role in the provision of health services in the coming years and Simed Global have the solution for you to easily become part of this.


Our solution has 5 key elements to ensure minimum disruption for maximum impact.

  • Mobile POC device
  • No need for Phlebotomist
  • CQC Doctor reviewed results
  • No need to send to a laboratory
  • Affordable with High ROI

The devices use the advanced method of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA), for the in-vitro quantitative detection of bio-markers for diabetes, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, sex hormones, gastric diseases, thyroid function, tumours, Covid-19 and other diseases.

PL Maxi (High Throughput)
PL Maxi (High Throughput)
PL Medi (Portable)
PL Medi (Portable)
PL Mini (Handheld)
PL Mini (Handheld)
  • Quick 15min testing
  • Small and portable
  • Simple finger pick of blood (currently available for 17 tests)
  • One appointment/visit needed
  • Total point of care testing solution

GP Reviewed Results

Results are interpreted by our CQC registered partner GPs and physicians and sent direct to customers. Each partner has their own registration page for patients to submit their data and receive the results directly to the registered email. Partners are sent our patients and receive full access to our marketing bundle to support your launch.

    Results → Emailed directly to the patient

    Doctor Notes → Clinics medical comments

    Review → Included for results out of range

37 quantitative rapid tests. Results between 3 − 15 minutes. 

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• Tests can be completed in community and primary care settings, such as clinics, pharmacies,
 nursing homes and public facilities like health centres

• Eliminate time and costs as samples don't have to be sent to labs for results

• Accurate and reliable results delivered within minutes instead of hours or days

• Enables clinicians to support the timely diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients

• Reduced impact and cost of emergency care due to appropriate escalation

• Environmental sustainability benefits thanks to the reduction of associated transport and fuel cost.

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