SIMED GLOBAL offers a range of PPE, medical supplies and equipment from our partner manufacturers.

We specialize in face-masks, disposable nitrile examination gloves, disposable gowns, coveralls and our unique Saliva-based Virion advanced Testing Device offering COVID Results in under 50 seconds.

Bespoke Services

Our resourceful and knowledgeable procurement team can find specialised equipment at very competitive prices that will surpass your expectations. We are happy to accommodate and arrange certification of authenticity through SGS or a similar supply-chain certifier.

Competitive Pricing

Through our own stock and our network of partners, we can supply a range of top quality products, at competitive prices. Every one of our clients can trust that we are doing our best to supply the quality medical supplies they need at the best possible price.

Reliable Customer Service

We only work with reputable suppliers to ensure the goods you buy are authentic and of a high standard of quality. We'll ensure around-the-clock service to get you medical supplies you need as quickly as possible.

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    Our supply of nitrile disposable gloves is second to none. FDA and CE approved from some of the world's largest and most reputable manufacturers.  Ask about our very competitive prices now.


    Boxes of 10 all individually wrapped and fully certified quality FFP2 masks


    A wide range of gowns, aprons and coverall's, hair nets and shoe covers.


    High-quality disposable surgical masks, including Type 11R Ear loop and tie back available in blue, green and white. Buy Now

    Kids Masks

    Type 11R for children 30 in a box

    Black FFP2 Masks direct from production

    We manufacture all types of masks and OEM please be in touch for your OTG and prodcution needs


    Compact and stylish pulse oximeter with clear LED screen for easy readings


    Quick and easy to use.

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